In October 2019, I drove all the way from the UK to Ukraine in a convoy of three UK-AID vans to deliver humanitarian aid to the Rehabilitation Centre in Chernihiv.

UK-AID delivers aid to Ukraine three times a year with the aim to help sick and under privileged children, especially those still suffering from the devastating effects of the 1986 Chernobyl disaster. More information can be found on their website –

The Rehabilitation Centre in Chernihiv has it’s own website –

The centre produced an item on their website about our October 2019 visit – Meeting Children with English Philanthropists

While I was there, the team visited a few families who were struggling to look after their disabled children – living conditions can be very challenging in the old Soviet Community tower blocks. Many blocks have just one kitchen and bathroom for each floor that are shared by up to 17 families.

Childrens Concert

Chernihiv Team