School Band


This was a school band formed at what was then called “Great Baddow Comprehensive School”, Chelmsford back in the 1970’s. The pictures below were taken at School gigs in the Drama Studio and Primmer Hall.

I can remember borrowing my mum’s Morris Traveller to transport my bass gear to a hall in Little Baddow for our rehearsals.

The Band

Lead Vocals – Dave Gridley
Lead Guitar / Backing Vocals – Alistair Lauder
Guitar / Backing Vocals – Paul Radford
Bass – Rob Stacy
Drums – Pete Leak

Hofner Bass


The audio for this youtube was recorded at a gig in the school drama studio back in around 1972.

In 2021 I was clearing out my loft and discovered the AKAI reel to reel recorder and some tapes. Amazingly, the tapes were still ok and I managed to capture some of the tracks and convert them to MP3.

These were early days and the quality of playing was fairly loose but we really enjoyed ourselves.