Harvest for the Hungry

BERKOVITSA 2003 / 2004

In November 2003 and 2004, I travelled with teams to the Berkovitsa Orphanage in Bulgaria.

There are 120 children in this dilapidated home in the mountainous north of the country. In wintertime, it can take up to five hours to drive from the capital Sofia through the mountains to the orphanage, and it’s very cold there. The children are very friendly and love to see visitors – though they get very few. The director and staff who look after them do their best for the youngsters, but it is hard for them because there is very little money to buy food – and none to buy clothes. The children have to make do with second hand clothing, given by charities. The children do not ‘own’ any of these clothes. They are kept in a central room and they wear what is available in their size on any day.

That’s why they were so pleased to get new shoes, socks and underclothes bought with money raised by the Harvest for the Hungry Project.

Orphanage Building